Birds of a Feather

  • Video (starts at 8:45)

    This session is a panel discussion about taking publicly available data and turning into an application, web or otherwise that adds value to that data and transforms it into something useful beyond the data itself. The members of the panel have been selected because they have created such applications. Among the themes of the discussion:

    Data visualization and better user interfaces;

    Federation/integration of disparate data sets;

    Search engine tuning and improvements;

    Better meta-data through computer heuristics

    Classification or clustering;

    Keyword extraction;

    Meta-data and text extraction such as citators;



    – Thomas R. Bruce, Director and Co-Founder, Legal Information Institute

    – Ed Walters, CEO, Fastcase

    – Joshua Tauberer, Civic Hacker and Entrepreneur,

    – Eric Mill, Developer, Sunlight Foundation

    -Andrew Mowbray, Director, Australasian Legal Information Institute

    -Anurag Acharya, Founding Engineer, Google Scholar