Track 4: Application Development for Open Access and Engagement

  • Open access to law activities run the gamut from providing basic access to primary documents to supporting public participation around legal reform to improving intellectual access to the law. Application developers are in the guts of open access, transforming raw data into features and applications that can be of use to the general public, non-lawyer professionals, and legal experts. This track is concerned with the achievements, challenges, and opportunities around open-access-application development.
    What it’s about
    • Content-management systems
    • Text-processing software
    • User behavior, user interfaces, and legal research
    • Application development for the Semantic Web
    • Development for mobile platforms, small screens, etc.
    • Multimedia and non-textual information
    • Cooperative development of applications
    • Search engines and web crawlers
    • Information extraction and data mining
    • Failures
    Who it’s for
    • Application developers

    Track Chair

    Marc-Andre MorissetteMarc-André Morissette joined Lexum in 1996. As a programmer, he contributed as much as he could to Lexum’s Web efforts, its search engine and various other technologies. In a textbook application of the Dilbert Principle, his “achievements” led to his promotion to the role of Director of Technology where he “oversees” Lexum’s various development efforts.