Reconsidering the Meaning of “Free Access to Legal Information” After the Hague “Guiding Principles”

    •   Track 3
    • Presentation speakers
      • Graham Greenleaf, Professor of Law & Information Systems, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
      • Andrew Mowbray, Professor of Law and Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney
      • Philip Chung

    Video (starts at 15:00)

    The main questions asked in this paper is “after twenty years of development, what should ‘free access’ mean in relation to legal information in order for it to be fully effective?” and ‘what steps should be taken to most effectively realise a reformulated concept of ‘free access to legal information’, by legal information institutes, by States at the national level, and at the international level’. It argues that the two key factors in ‘full’ free access to legal information are the right of republication, and the removal of monopolies (whether by the State or private actors). ‘Downstream authentication and integrity’ is needed.