Steve Ressler: Beyond Cats & Kardashians – How to Build Meaningful Online Engagement

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    Video (starts at 21:45)

    Building meaningful engagement online is a difficult challenge.  If it were easy, you would have created Huffington Post yourself and be sitting on $300 million.

    At first, it’s simply hard to make people aware that you exist as you are competing with millions of other websites with cat videos and Kim Kardashian photos.  Once there, how do you turn people from lurkers and consumers to engaged participants and contributors?  From one-time visitors to regulars?

    In this session, Steve Ressler, founder of, will talk about his lessons building an online community of 60,000 government innovators.  He will discuss strategies for community building, tips on gamification, as well as understanding the 90-9-1 rule.  Finally, he will focus specifically on building audience and engagement around civic engagement issues based on leading practices across the globe.