Voice and Accountability: The effects of e-Government on the Quality of Political Institutions

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      • Joan-Josep Vallbé , Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Barcelona
      • Núria Casellas, Assistant Professor of Jurisprudence, Autonomous University of Barcelona

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    Transparency and accountability of political institutions has been a major issue in the research agenda on governance, development, and democracy. The basic model states that transparency makes political institutions more effective, fosters economic growth, increases the capacity of citizens to make political officials accountable, and promotes citizen participation. The expansion of e-government initiatives has emphasized the role of the online access of public information and data in fostering transparency and accountability of public processes. It is commonly stated that e-government policies can make governments more efficient, less corrupt, and better channel citizen empowerment through wider and better participation. Our paper assesses the impact of governmental online initiatives on citizen empowerment and compares them to the effects on government efficiency and control of corruption.