When the Dog Catches the Car: CanLII’s Evolution from Free Law Concept to Cornerstone of Canadian Legal Research to Potential Commercial Competitor

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    • Presentation speakers
      • Colin Lachance, President and CEO, Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII)

    Video (starts at 13:20)

    CanLII is far from being without its policy and financial challenges, but in most respects concerning the core vision of proving a sustainable service through which Canadians can freely access the vast majority of current case law and legislative resources, it is an absolute success. The dog has caught the car. With core operational funding derived from all Canadian law societies and therefore secured, a new and expert Board of Directors is charting a future course through a strategic plan that, depending on the speed, scope and degree of success of implementation, could permanently alter the Canadian commercial legal information landscape.

    This presentation will discuss the decision points and choices that established CanLII and will guide it into the future.