Working with Free Access to Law Initiatives: Narratives from Africa

    •   Track 2
    • Presentation speakers
      • Ann Muthoni Asugah, Assistant Editor and Team Leader, Laws of Kenya Department at the National Council for Law Reporting
      • Bridget Osho, Coordinator, Sierra Leone Legal Information Institute (Sierra Lii)
      • Gugu Vilakati, Community Website Content Developer, AfricanLII
      • Jane Mugala, Coordinator, Uganda Legal Information Institute (ULII)
      • Mateyu Sisya, Coordinator, Malawi Legal Information Institute (Malawilii)
      • Thelma Mary Julie, Documentation Officer and Coordinator, SeyLII
      • Ufuoma Lamikanra, Ag. Institute Librarian, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS), University of Lagos Campus
      • Kerry Anderson, Co-founder and Coordinator, African Legal Information Institute
      • Mariya Badeva-Bright

    Video (starts at 11:00)

    The objective of the paper is to present narratives from legal information institutes (LIIs) in various stages of development from across Africa. Representations are made here from Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Swaziland, the Seychelles, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Within each of the narratives there lie significant lessons, which provide the basis for a regional community of African legal information institutes to share their knowledge with each other.

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