Enrico Francesconi

  • Enrico Francesconi holds a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Florence. In 2002 he joined CNR-ITTIG, where currently he is a researcher. His main research activities include knowledge representation, semantic Web technologies, machine learning techniques for legal document classification and knowledge extraction, legal standards, legal drafting. He is a member of the Italian and European working groups establishing XML and URI standards for legislation. He is scientific responsible of the e-Codex project (CIP ICT PSP 2010 -E-Justice Services) for CNR-ITTIG. He was also involved in EU eParticipation framework projects (DG Information Society & Media), like DALOS, as member of the project management board, and project leader for CNR-ITTIG of SEAL project. Moreover he was project leader of “Eurovoc studies” a feasibility study on thesauri interoperability which CNR-ITTIG carried out in favour of EU Publication Office, and responsible of a feasibility study about the information system of the Centre for Official Publications of the Swiss Federal Chancellery. He has been representative of the Italian Ministry of Justice within the eLaw working group of the Council of the European Union as regards legal documents identification and consultant of the European Parliament for introducing and managing semantic Web technologies for the legislative workflow within the EU Institutions.