Flavio Zeni

  • My educational background is in Organisational studies and Communication (Laurea in Sociology from University of Trento, Italy and Master of Arts in Communication from Stanford University, Ca, USA). My professional experience has seen my involvement in organizational studies, communication, social marketing and since 1995 I have been mainly working on the deployment of ICTs in public administrations to support the delivery of better services, improve dialogue with citizens and enhancement organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

    I am currently the Chief Technical Adviser of the Africa i-Parliaments Action Plan, a project implemented by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). It is a regional capacity building initiative that aims to empower the legislatures to better fulfill their democratic functions through increased and easy access to high quality information for citizens, Members of Parliament and Parliamentary administrations in order to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability of Parliaments. The main project achievements so far include the development of Bungeni (bungeni.org), an open source parliamentary information system and Akoma Ntoso (akomantoso.org), an XML framework for parliamentary and legislative documents.