Georg Aichholzer

  • Georg Aichholzer is a principal senior researcher at the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (since 1993), and senior lecturer at Vienna University of Economics and Business (since 1992). In previous positions he was an assistant professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna (1979 to 1993) and a visiting research associate at the Social Science Research Institute, International Christian University (ICU), in Tokyo, Japan.

    He holds a PhD in Sociology (University of Vienna) and has extensive research and teaching experience in technology assessment and impact assessment, with a special focus on interrelations of information and communication technologies and society, as well as related policies. Current research activities focus on impact assessment in the field of electronic governance, electronic democracy and climate policies. A major research project carried out within the collaborative EUROCORES programme of the European Science Foundation and funded by a grant from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): I 169-G16 undertakes a “Comparative Assessment of e-Participation in the Context of Sustainable Development and Climate Change”. Another recent project commissioned by the STOA panel at the European Parliament investigates the potential and impacts of Internet-based applications to improve political participation and the quality of democratic decision-making at the European level. Further research experience in the field of e-governance includes research on e‑participation within the European Network of Excellence DEMO-net, funded by the European Commission, and a comparative study on e-identity management systems in e-government in five EU countries, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.