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senile… in more ways than one.  Back in May of 1994, a week or so before the annual CALI conference for legal technologists, three of us circulated the document you see below.  Composed by me, Peter Martin, and Will Sadler, it set out what we saw as the next steps for the legal web.   It’s scary how much of this stuff we’re still trying to work out — admittedly with better technology.

Although (gotta say it) I’m hearing exactly the same bitching about the difficulties of Linked Open Data —  in more or less the same words — that Gopher adherents used to complain about how hard that newfangled  WWW hypertext stuff was.  Plus ca change and apres moi la parapluie.

Read the manifesto here:  WWW manifesto

[ HT to Dominick Grillo, longtime LII friend and Camp Hypertext Croquet Meister, for sending this along. ]


One Response to “This one’s got me feeling my age…”

  1. So I typed the URL “gopher://” into my browser and nothing came up – WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

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