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eegah.jpgYou’ll remember that we were running a naming contest for this blog, with a winner to be announced on March 14th. It’s now the 18th, of course. We missed the deadline because some sorehead contestants demanded an independent audit and, unfortunately, our accounting firm was tied up on the Bear Stearns deal. Undaunted by fiscal meltdown, I am proud to announce that this space shall henceforth be known as “b-screeds”.

The lucky winner was Will Sadler, known to many of you as the pioneering creator of a legal web site at Indiana (among the first five or so on the web), former cruise-ship piano player, and hater of Jet-Skis. Will long since departed the legal information scene for the more hospitable arena of the insurance industry, but it’s nice to know he’s keeping an eye on us.

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