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This might be the dumbest idea we’ve ever had, or the best, but either way it has high Fun Potential.   We’re collecting photographs of signs, notices, and other public postings that contain citations to statutes and regulations — on Pinterest.    Contest closes next Thursday at midnight, but you should feel free to post pix whenever.


Entering is simple.  Just pin something at .  We’ve put a few examples there that will show you what we have in mind.  As for where you get the photos, you can either take them yourself, or scour them from the likes  of Flickr, Google Images, or Pinterest itself.    Because you have all those mad search skilz, yo.

[ OH NOES:  We have to add people as contributors before they can pin to the board.  What a pain in the butt (see infra, “sneering at Pinterest”).  That said, mail me and I’ll add you.  Because I am committed to the success of this effort, dammit. ]


  • Can I win a $100 gift card for Barnes and Noble?
    • No
  • Can I win a dream vacation to Hawaii?
    • Yes, if you also agree to visit our new condominium development, “Underwater Dreams”.
  • Can I win a free law librarian?
    • Yes, if we can find a volunteer to act as the “prize”.  What you do with them is entirely between you, and them.  There are sections of Title 18 that deal with such things.  Which reminds me: no pornographic selfies with criminal-code citations superimposed, you scamps, you.
  • C’mon, it’s a contest and I went to law school.  I have to win something.
    • Bragging rights, mostly, but if you want, our Esteemed Director will Skype with you and tell knock-knock jokes for a while.
  • Knock it off.  What are the prizes, really?
    • You can place first, second or third in any of the following categories:
      • Most scenic location
      • Most interesting location
      • Most unlikely location
      • Most prolific
      • Best photo
      • WTF?
  • How will you judge?
    • Arbitrarily and capriciously.
    • Extra credit for having location information either in the photo itself or in the description.
    • Extra credit for CFR and US Code citations — not as interested in municipal regs

What are you guys really up to?

Three things:

  • a project so secret that if we told you about it we’d have to kill you.  That’s because a) we want it to be a surprise and b) it is outrageous enough that it may fail in some highly embarrassing manner.
  • such a collection of photos might have something interesting to say about where the law shows up and how — useful for making a variety of points about policy, and also something somebody might actually want to study.
  • we want to know if there is any compelling reason to stop sneering at Pinterest.

That’s it, kids.  Go forth, have fun, and never, ever, believe anything a Musical Clown tells you.  Really.  It’s the law.

[ UH-OHS:  As many have pointed out, you can’t pin to our board.  Hell, I thought they were group-sharable, and they are, but I have to add all youse guise as contributors.  That’s OK – just mail me and I shall do so. ]

2 Responses to “Hey, kids! It’s a contest!”

  1. Can’t pin to your board until/unless you add me as a contributor, I think. No surprise: I’m ProfJonathan on Pinterest. Thanks. {Jonathan}

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