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This page is the place to get data and other resources described in Metasausage articles.

LII legislative metadata project

The materials here document a  metadata model for Federal legislation.  It is nearly complete, but has some limitations described in the narrative documentation (in particular, it does not include much concerning appropriations, reconciliation, or the finer points of procedural rules).  It is highly extensible, and Linked-Data friendly, so that its limitations could easily be addressed by those with the domain expertise to do so.  Our hope is that it will serve as a common reference model that can be extended.

For visual documentation, the XMind version is recommended, as it can show all the relevant properties, values, and so on in a dynamic way.  The Lily Ledbetter illustration is a worked example that is not intended to show everything we know about that particular Act, but to give an illustrative sample for demonstration purposes.

4 Responses to “Downloads and related information”

  1. […] as blog posts and release them as Metasausage posts, but we thought that it was high time that we released full documentation of the model. Many of you have known of its existence for a while; we’ve been slow to release it because, […]

  2. Very interesting! Here at King’s College London we’ve just created an XML schema for legislative information (including proceedings) which I think meshes very well with your model – information on the project is at I’d be very interested to know what you think – please do get in touch if it’s of interest. Richard

  3. […] The Legal Information Institute Legislative Metadata Model supports Linked Data; […]

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