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Sometimes the littlest features have the biggest impact.

Some small tweak can vastly enhance the user experience.

Consider, for example, a small but powerful technology:

the indent.

Why do we indent the eCFR?

Hey, the government doesn’t indent their version?

Why do we?

There are reasons.

In a very complex document, indents help you

read better;

see better;

understand better.


guide the eye

make visible

the shape of the ideas

and the structure

behind the text.

It’s like in school when they taught you to outline.

(Remember outlines?

(Remember school??))

They taught you to put things in an outline format:






To help you understand

the structure

of the ideas

you were outlining.

The ECFR has a hierarchical structure.

Its natural, inherent structure contains sections

and subsections.

By laying those out visually

we help guide not only

your eye

but also

your mind.

We indent… so you can read.


One Response to “eCFR 0.1.2 – We indent… so you can read”

  1. Indentation DOES help! Thank you.

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