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It will not have escaped the attention of our regular readers — both of them, as the old joke goes — that things have been quiet around here under the hood. It’s not that we haven’t been working; it’s that we’ve been too deep in elbow grease to type it up for you. We tried, but the third computer we ruined with dripping engine fluids caused a bit of a ruckus. So it’s been quiet.

But we just went at our hands with a brillo pad and fire hose, so we think it’s safe for the moment. And it’s New Year’s Eve, time for resolutions. So we are going to redouble our efforts to give the world a peek at what we’re doing, and what you’ve missed while we’ve been distracted by that dang fuel carburetor.

As a preview, and a public resolution to which we can point when our boss asks why we’re despoiling yet another keyboard, here are some of the things we’re going to be telling you about in the coming weeks.

  • Students’ work on definitions, entity linking, topic modeling, and a sub-site refresh
  • Citation resolution (turns out not every citation is to Marbury v Madison; who knew?)
  • Semantic web-based feature development

And that’s not all. For we remain hard at work, and new things are constantly in the works, and we’ll tell you about those as well. So watch this space!

But, uh, those are nice pants. You might want to slip on these coveralls first.