Sonia Steps OutOn-the-ball Research Attorney Amy Emerson has informed me that the ABA has a Peep diorama competition of its very own called Peeps in Law modeled on the Washington Post Peeps Show. The ABA contest is only in its second year, while the Peeps Show has a storied tradition stemming from four epic years of peep-filled diorama goodness. Despite its newbie status, Peeps in Law has several key advantages over Peeps Show:

  1.  The artistry and craftsmanship is of a much inferior caliber, although lawyers can be very artistic. I admittedly prefer a homespun look,  but some of the ABA dioramas are too minimalist for my taste (e.g., My Cousin Peep, Murder or Accident).
  2. Fewer entries (39 in the ABA competition vs. 1,100+ in the Washington Post competition).

How are these advantages? Your odds of winning Peeps in Law are excellent when compared to Peeps Show, and so far the ABA has displayed all of the entries! So start brainstorming. Spring Break provides the perfect opportunity for diorama-crafting.

There are many excellent dioramas from this year’s competition, to which I give the following awards:

Vote for your favorite here. Polling closes 5 p.m. central time on Monday April 12. The winner receives a prize from the Just Born, the candy company behind Peeps.

Eep!In celebration of April Fool’s Day today we are featuring Peeps Show IV, this year’s installment of the Washington Post‘s annual diorama contest featuring that lovable, pastel-hued, sugary character—the Peep.

My favorite this year is “Balloon Peep (based on the balloon boy)”, but I think “Little Bo Peep” is pretty great too. What’s your favorite? Make sure to vote for it in the Peeple’s Choice Awards (click on the link at the top of the page).

Check out the Washington Post’s behind-the-scenes coverage or the accompanying news story. There’s even an iPhone app, but sadly I can’t bring myself to pay 99 cents for it.

One of my dearest wishes is to submit a diorama that will earn inclusion in the Peeps Show, but competition gets tougher every year (over 1,100 entries!). Some of the dioramas look downright professional, although I usually prefer the homemade look myself. Most of the best dioramas are created by teams. Maybe next year some intrepid 2L’s will band together to create a diorama based on Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co. Think about it.

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