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Oh, look, the LII left the garage door open. What a clunker; looks like the wheels are about to fall off. Hey, is this the hood release?  I probably shouldn’t… oh, why not. <click /> Let’s see what’s under here…

Hi!  Welcome to our new technical blog, LII: Under the Hood. We’re starting this blog to show you how the features you see on the web site actually work, to give you a peek at our development process, and to let you get to know some of our awesome software engineers in the process.

In future posts we’ll be showing you things that most give us a sad details of our technical challenges, previewing new features we’re working on, inviting you to send us feedback, and letting you figure out where all that scary-looking smoke is coming from.  

So, welcome – enjoy this peek under the hood.  Make sure to leave us a note when you’re done looking!

Maybe I shouldn’t turn this thing on.  But it’s just this little chromium switch here

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