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Bloomberg L.P.,, a provider of real-time business news and intelligence for more than twenty-five years, is launching a new legal research platform called Bloomberg Law (makes sense–the name I mean) to compete with Lexis and Westlaw. I have test driven Bloomberg Law, and it has some nice features, including the ability to take notes on a case and save them indefinitely and the ability to collaborate with other researchers within the system. Bloomberg Law provides access to Bloomberg Law Reports, Bloomberg Law Digest, keyword searching, a legal citator/updater, and points of law summaries. Company and market information are also available, just as you would expect from Bloomberg. The system is operational, but it is still a work in progress; you may encounter a bug or two.

If you plan on performing business or business law research in the near future, I recommend you try out Bloomberg Law. Even if you aren’t involved in business, you are welcome to use Bloomberg Law and see what this system offers you. Law school is the best time to become familiar with as many research tools as possible.

If you would like a Bloomberg password, please contact your legal research instructor, Research Attorney Jean Callihan, or visit the research desk in the Reading Room during reference hours.

We also have a Bloomberg terminal available to students in the Reading Room. Contact the research desk for help.

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