We already know that apps are everywhere, but Online MBA has aggregated some numbers into a slick graphical presentation (below), doing a great job noting its sources at the bottom (albeit in tiny, tiny text). Some of the highlights:

  • Apple maintains a hefty lead with 225,000 apps in its store, but Droid now offers a very respectable 70,000 apps
  • Average price for an app: $3.10
  • Blackberry, still the smart device of choice for lawyers, sells more phones than Apple but has far fewer apps, I think because Blackberry is less developer friendly and the device itself is less conducive to apps (smaller screen, not as good for games, is viewed more as a workhorse and less as a “fun” device)
  • Most downloaded: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

Online MBA
Via: MBA Online

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