Roubini logoCornell has joined the Roubini Global Economics University Program to provide faculty and students with access to what The Economist magazine dubbed “the world’s most important economic website.” This provides you with RGE’s rich and timely research and analysis and unique understanding of the modern global economy.  RGE provides insight into macroeconomic developments along with citations and readings which act as pathways for scholars, policymakers and future business leaders who need to pursue their ideas to the next level.  Features include:

  • Critical Issues: Identifies key questions essential to the research process, seeking out viewpoints beyond the consensus
  •  Economic Research/RGE Analysis: Deep-dive analysis into factors driving global finance developed internally by a team of 40+ economists
  • EconoMonitors: Blog posts by Nouriel Roubini, RGE Analysts and an outside network of top independent contributors in global economics
  • Daily Digest: Timely coverage of developments that are shaping global markets right now
  • RGE Partner Content: Reports and white papers sourced from leading economic think tanks and world-recognized economic organizations.

At the Roubini website you will be invited to register for a personal account.  From off campus, access Roubini using the library catalog link –  Hat tip to Donald Schnedeker, Librarian at Cornell School of Hotel Administration, for this information.

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