This is the second post on the Law Library’s Student Satisfaction Survey.  Today, we’ll look at the responses to questions about the Library’s Web site.  While the frequency of use runs the gamut, 3 out of 4 respondents indicated that they use the site from a few times a semester to a few times per week.  The site itself received good marks: 61% of respondents are mostly to very satisfied with the site.  Only 4% indicated dissatisfaction.  In addition to satisfaction ratings, we asked students which features they are using.  The site is mostly commonly used for the Library Catalog, the Online Legal Resources, checking library hours, and linking to Westlaw and Lexis.  Other often-used features include Interlibrary Loan/Borrow Direct, research guides, and the Legal Research Engine.

There were numerous positive comments made about the Web site, and these focused on the ease of use and navigation of the site, and the depth and breadth of content and resources.  There were several constructive comments made about the Web site and these, interestingly, generally said that the site is not intuitive and difficult to navigate.  The old adage that you can’t please all of the people all of the time holds especially true for web sites.  That said, we are always looking for improvements that can be made to the site.  As we update the site’s content this summer, we will look for changes that can be made to improve the organization and navigation of the site making it more intuitive and accessible.

If you have additional feedback on the web site, do let us know in the Law Library.  The next post on the Satisfaction Survey will consider library core services.

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