Welcome Back! Below are a few important notes and reminders from the Law Library as the semester gets underway.

  • 24/7 Access and Law School Identification: **Returning students: please note changes**
    • Law students have 24-hour swipe-card access to the Law Library.  Students who plan to remain in the library after regular hours must have a sticker affixed to their University ID card that identifies them as law students.
    • Stickers will be available at the Law Library Open House and thereafter at the Circulation Desk.  Please stop by to pick yours up.
    • Library staff will circulate at closing and ask to see student IDs.  Students without stickers will be required to leave the library at that time.
    • To learn more about this policy, including how to replace a lost or stolen sticker, please visit the law library website at: http://www.lawschool.cornell.edu/library/WhoWeAre/Policies/After-Hours-Policy.cfm
  • Carrel Reservations:
    • Carrels located on the first, fourth, new ground, and basement floors may be reserved for one semester at a time by 2Ls, 3Ls, LLMs, and exchange students.
    • Students may reserve carrels in person at the Law Library on a first-come, first-served basis. The sign-up period will span two days:
      • Tuesday, September 2: Reserved for students who are serving on journals, moot courts, or working for a professor.
      • Wednesday, September 3: For the remainder of the students identified above.
    • To make a reservation, please see Margaret Ambrose in room 380 (beside the Circulation Desk in the Reading Room) between the hours of 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.
    • Questions may be directed to Margaret at mja224@cornell.edu or 607-255-0980.
    • All carrels are numbered.  A carrel map will be made available with the signup form for easy identification.
    • Each carrel must be shared by two students. Students may select a carrel partner or choose to have the library assign one.
    • Carrels located on the second floor may not be reserved and are available daily on a first-come, first served basis for all law students.
  • Non-book items available to borrow:
    • Laptops and MacBooks
    • iPad2s
    • Flash Drives
    • Audio Recorders (Professor’s written permission required)
    • Headphones and ear buds
    • Various games and sports equipment
    • Umbrellas
    • And more – see our website for details
  • Materials Available on Reserve at the Circulation Desk:
    • All required course books
    • Study aids & hornbooks
  • Copying, Scanning and Printing:
    • The NetPrinter and a photocopy machine are located on the third floor near the eating area.  Two state-of-the art scanners are located in the Reading Room.  Materials may be scanned and sent to email or flash drive at no charge.
  • Food and Drink:
    • No food is allowed in the Reading Room, library stacks, or carrels. An eating area is located on the third floor directly outside the Reading Room
    • Drinks in spill-proof containers are allowed throughout the library
  • Cell Phones:
    • Ringers must be turned off in the library
    • Conversations must be conducted outside of the library
  • Circulation Desk Hours:
    • Monday-Thursday, 8am-8pm
    • Friday, 8am-5pm
    • Saturday, 10:30am-5pm
    • Sunday, 10:30am-8pm
  • Reference Desk / Research Help Hours:
    • Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
    • Sunday, 1pm-6pm

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