You may have noticed we changed our blog name the other day. We have been maintaining two blogs, InfoBrief and Competitive Edge. Now, we have decided to merge the two blogs under the banner of InfoBrief, with the new InfoBrief following in the same space that Competitive Edge was using.

Another change you may have noticed is that, using the widget in the right-hand column, you can now share the content of this blog on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media sites, as well as via e-mail.  And, you can print from InfoBrief as well in this widget.

Any other tools you’d like to see on InfoBrief? Post a comment to let us know!

5 Responses to “InfoBrief: The law library blog”

  1. Howdy! I simply want to give you a big thumbs up for the excellent information you’ve got right here on this post. I’ll be returning to your web site again to check for more soon.

  2. I have read quite a few articles on InfoBrief and Competitive Edge nice to see that you have merged the two.

  3. Just an update to your post – you said that you could share through social icons on the right. Do you mean the social bar under the post on the left?

  4. Very interesting all the changes in the blog, congratulations, it was all very nice, greetings

  5. Yes! Since we made that post, we have changed our format slightly. Now sharing is handled through the social bar under the post. Thanks for asking.

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