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Thinking about warmer climes? So are we.

16784F8A-D09F-4C5F-8EBB-320F1EF86218.jpgOK, so this story is pretty much what happens when somebody has to gin a daily blog post up out of nothing. But it’s that kind of March day here in Ithaca, New York, the North American seat of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (we are not making that up). Winter has been going on much too long and we’re in for snow, rain, sleet, and freezing muck. The students are all off on spring break. Naturally, our thoughts turn to those who are climatically much better off than we are: our users.

Over the past month, we’ve had a surprising number of visits from people who are not afraid to get sand in their laptops:

50 from Nassau
42 from the Caymans (no, not banking law)
6 from Marbella
1 from Iraklion
1 from Vanuatu

Oh, and 7 from Yellowknife, judicial center of the Northwest Territories, where the average high temperature for March is 11.8 degrees Fahrenheit. See, we feel better already.