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You call me a nitpicker like it’s a good thing

A few years back, we heard Frank Wagner — the Reporter of Decisions for the US Supreme Court — describe the job of a reporter of decisions as that of a “serial peripatetic nitpicker”.  We love serial peripatetic nitpickers. They teach us how to do our job better.

We’d like to salute three of them today.  These folks kept after us to add section-number ranges after each table of contents entry in the US Code, so that someone attempting to find a particular section by drilling down through the tables of contents could do so more easily.  They aren’t the only ones to have suggested it, but we think they were the earliest.  It’s a huge improvement in navigation and we feel smarter for having thought of it all by ourselves.

Seriously, we get a lot of help from people who ask for features and improvements or who give us feedback in other ways.  So our thanks go out today to Kami Bedard , Matt Manahan, and Steven Lauer for their suggestion. Good work, folks!

Maybe we should have a Nitpicker of the Month Award.  Who’s in?