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6 Supreme Court oral arguments this week

supct.jpegThe Supreme Court hears 6 cases this week.  A quick rundown follows, with a link to our complete analysis of each case.

By the way, your very own (free!) subscription to the LII Supreme Court Bulletin will get you a summary of all Supreme Court cases delivered directly to your inbox 2 weeks before the scheduled argument.

Monday, February 23:

Tuesday, February 24:

Wednesday, February 25:

Who says there’s no civic engagement?

lincoln-oath-office.jpgMaking sense of web statistics is hard. We tend to rely on them only to make relative judgments about our impact, and to get a general sense of what people are doing with our collections — but sometimes their connection with the real world is clear.

On January 20th, Inauguration Day, use of the LII’s edition of the US Constitution more than doubled — an increase of more than 10,000 multipage visits, or about 50,000 page views.