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Take a bow, Dave Shetland

Theater people get reviewed in the pages of big-city newspapers and national magazines; legal-information wranglers have to go further afield.  In our case, pretty far afield indeed:  Addendum 2 of Attachment 1 of OPR09000754 , the RFP for a new front-end to the United States Code as it is published by the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives (the RFP closed last week, and the LII was not a bidder… but we do have some plans for a new presentation of the US Code, and it’s the second major project in the queue right now, so… in a few months, maybe?).

Addendum 2 says, in effect, “if you want to know how to build an updating feature based on the Classification Tables,  or incorporate the Notes, take a look at what the LII did”.  Or, in this case, what Dave Shetland did — he’s the guy with primary responsibility for the LII’s US Code as well as for most of our work in XML modelling over the last several years.

Take a bow, Dave.