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New content-forwarding capabilities on the LII site

Normally we’re asocial here at the LII — our idea of a social-networking site is isolatr, as befits our somewhat withdrawn and geeky image.   But we recognize that a lot of you do have friends, and you like to send them stuff.  As of today, we’ve made that a lot easier to do with our Wex and LIIBULLETIN collections.  You can e-mail articles, and share them via an assortment of major social-networking sites like and Facebook.

We’ll be adding this feature to more collections as the year goes on.  Right now, our US Code and caselaw collections operate in their own frameworks, which makes this more difficult to do, but we’ll be upgrading them later in the year.  And we are thinking very hard about the relationship between legal information and Web 2.0 applications — particularly around questions of crowdsourcing, authority, and expert participation.

You can expect a lot more from us on this in the coming year.  For now, we hope you’ll take advantage of our first, small step in this direction.  Happy New Year!