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New USC Titles 12, 13, and 14 available

oxy_ret.jpgJust an hour or two after the Law Revision Counsel’s office released their version, we have updated versions of Titles 12 (Banks), 13 (Census), and 14 (Coast Guard) of the US Code online.

Why does it take a couple of hours?  Well, software ain’t perfect — and ours converts an extremely complex encoding used for typesetting into valid XML, then creates the online HTML version from that.  We don’t release it automatically.  Instead, it gets a once-over from LII XML wizard Dave Shetland before it goes out.  The error rate is low — but we find that when the software blows up, it tends to do so dramatically, so a spot-check is necessary to ensure that our audience gets what it needs accurately and as soon as possible.