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Feingold requests that GPO post Annotated Constitution online in XML format

constitution.jpgFor several years now, the LII has published the 2000 version of the Congressional Research Service’s Annotated Constitution of the United States.  Savvy LII friends know that the document is updated by CRS at least every two years… so why are we so out of date?  The short answer is that we’ve tried many times to get the updated versions, with no success.  Today , Senator Russell Feingold sent a letter to the GPO formally requesting that they make CONAN (as it’s known) available online in a continuously updated version.   This is very, very good news, and we hope that GPO will honor the Senator’s request.  Hat tip to Susannah Leers and Courtney Minick for telling us and (we suspect) to the Sunlight Foundation for doing the behind-the-scenes work on this.