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VoxPopuLII gets a new article, and a new editor-in-chief

Today in VoxPop Sarah Rhodes of the Georgetown Law Library talks about preservation of digital materials, and the Chesapeake Project.  The Chesapeake Project is  a cooperative effort to archive primary legal materials in Maryland and Virginia, and is part of the larger Legal Information Preservation Alliance.

VoxPopuLII also has a new editor-in-chief, Robert Richards.  Widely known for his prolific tweets as @richards1000, Rob is an avid observer of the legal informatics scene and the maintainer of the Legal Informatics Blog and the incredibly comprehensive and useful (and growing) Legal Informatics Resources List.  So far as we know, Rob reads everything, and digests all of it (in both senses of the word). Also, it appears that he never sleeps.  These, we think, are important professional qualifications, and we’re delighted to have him on board.  Judith Pratt, a professional writer, editor, and playwright,  will continue as VoxPop’s editor and prose stylist.