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LII at the CITP Transparency Workshop

We’re at Day 2 of the Princeton Center for Information Technology and Policy Open Government Workshop.  Day 1 was interesting and highly informative, with presentations from longtime LII friends at the Sunlight Foundation, from the US GPO, the Law Library of Congress, and a variety of other presenters.  Particular treats included a keynote speech by Anil Dash, and a chance to catch up with former LII associate Ross Housewright, who now works at the Ithaka S+R higher-education consultancy and was co-author of an influential report on the Federal Depository Library System and its place in a 21st century democracy.

Today, LII Director Tom Bruce will be part of a panel with legal-information activist Carl Malamud, VoxPop author and LII friend John Joergensen, and Steve Schultze of PACER-activism and RECAP fame.  You can follow the action in Twitter at #pogw .

Those of you who don’t know the work of the CITP should take a look at the “Government Data and the Invisible Hand” paper by Robinson, Felten et al.