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Welcome to our new look!

Virtual makeoverBy now, you may have noticed that the look of the LII site has changed a little bit ;).   And that’s not all.  Behind the scenes, we’ve made some very ambitious architectural changes, expanded some collections, and added major new things.   We’ll have more surprises over the next couple of weeks; today, we’re just putting up the new skin.

Unfortunately, not all of the surprises will be pleasant ones.  We had to wade through a lot of old stuff and make a lot of changes in very scattered places to get all of this to happen.  We know that there will be intermittent problems with random parts of the site for a while, and — while we’ve done a lot of chasing already — our four engineers will be doing their best to chase down problems as they arise.  Just let us know via our contact form.  Repairs won’t be instantaneous, but we’ll get to them as quickly as we can.  Frankly, with such a small group here, we have to rely on you guys to tell us what’s wrong; we’d have no hope of going through nearly half a million web pages to find all the bugs.

This is our first major makeover in seven years, and the biggest engineering change ever at the LII.  Dave, Wayne, Dan, Brian, and Sara have been pushing hard for more than a year, and we’re almost there.

Wish us luck on the bug hunt, and enjoy the new look.  Soon, we’ll have some things we think you’ll like even better…..