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Calling all nitpickers

kicktiresA Reporter of Decisions for the US Supreme Court once described his work as “serial peripatetic nitpicking.” New features demand that kind of effort — we want to find out what’s needed, what isn’t, what works, and what doesn’t. We think that some of you might enjoy helping us out in this way. It will give you a chance to set your inner Hermione free while doing some work that’s really important to us. Plus, you’ll get an insider’s view of upcoming products and features (fair warning: in the early stages of these projects, when things aren’t working all that well, an insider’s view can be pretty depressing. Don’t ask us how we know that.)

What’s involved?  Usually, we’ll send you a list of tasks to perform using one of our collections — and completing the tasks will depend on using the new product or feature.  In addition, we’ll ask you to suggest other tasks that we didn’t think of.  We’ll ask you to send back a narrative telling us what you did, what worked, what didn’t, what confused you, and so on.   It will take no more than an hour, and usually far less.  How often we get in touch will depend on your interests, and on what we’re working on (second fair warning: people who like regulations may get called on a lot).

If you’d like to join the LII Beta Testers, send us an email at help AT liicornell DOT org.