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LII in the classroom

teacherWe count among our many friends and donors a large number of educators and students alike.  While many folks in academia and beyond use the LII to look up the US Code, the CFR, and the Federal Rules, we wanted to share some of the more remarkable ways people use the LII in the classroom as a new school year approaches:

  • Encouraging students to look up legal terminology in Wex in real-time when those terms come up during classroom discussions

  • Using our Supreme Court Collection to teach the policy behind the procedures taught to police and corrections officers

  • Reading our hyperlinked version of the Annotated Constitution in order to prepare lesson plans for Constitution Day

  • Comparing the competing arguments made by opposing parties as articulated in our Supreme Court Bulletin Previews as a tool to teach high school-level rhetoric

  • Illustrating how legislation becomes regulations through our Parallel Table of Authorities in an undergraduate civics course

  • Expanding the academic understanding of concepts like readability of legislation

We’d also like to propose one more unique service we can offer all those teachers out there as they prepare lesson plans and otherwise look for new and different resources to help them out. Our recently launched Reference Desk not only contains a wealth of information to help you, but our staff of volunteer law librarians can point you to resources you might not otherwise find on your own.  Consider this an invitation to join our user community at the Reference Desk and to use our librarians to help you educate America’s youth.