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User Testimonials from Our Annual Fundraising Campaign

We are deeply grateful to report that we continue to serve the public sustainably — providing free, accessible, unbiased legal information to all comers. Whether it’s assessing and filling gaps in our original content — or learning where to apply (and where not to rely on) emerging technologies to help make the law more understandable — we are heartened to see readers continue to point to our work for reference — and for reality-checking — in real time.

At this time of year, we especially appreciate everyone behind all of the work that comes together in the fall. Whether celebrating Constitution Day with a fully updated U.S. Constitution Annotated; or kicking off the new term of the U.S. Supreme Court with previews from the LII Supreme Court Bulletin on topics ranging from federal sentencing to payday lending to disability accommodation; or using Halloween as an occasion to shine a spotlight on mortuary law; or supporting the publication of the latest issue of the Journal of Open Access to Law; or preparing our engineering students to present the discoveries they’ve made about how to harness the latest tools and data to make features for our ever-evolving collections – we could not do any of this without your help.

I just discovered you, but providing legal information to citizens, without pricing them out, is essential. A non-partisan, legal information-resource, available to all, is a huge step to having an informed, and empowered citizenry.

Most importantly, we are thankful to hear from people from all walks of life — and all corners of the globe — who are empowered by the work you help make possible.

This was an invaluable resource when I was teaching, and I still consult it in retirement. Thank you!

The Legal Information Institute is an incredibly valuable, free source. I use it frequently in my work as a reporter and editor. I have included links to the Institute’s explanations in my articles far more times than I ever could count.

This is an enormously helpful free resource to those of us in grassroots community legal matters. Thank you.

I can’t say it often enough: we could not do any of this without the support you offer us. Thank you for your help. 

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