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Spanish Content on WEX

bilingual.jpgWex has gone bilingual! Thanks to our collaboration with GetLegal, over one hundred new Spanish language content pages covering a range of practice areas have been added to Wex. Employment Law (Derecho Laboral), Family Law (Derecho de Familia), Immigration Law (Derecho de Inmigración), Criminal Law (El Derecho Penal), Commercial Contracts (Contratos Comerciales), Medical Malpractice (Negligencia Medica), Copyright (Derechos de Autor), and Juvenile Justice (Justicia Juvenile) represent a small sample of LII’s collaboratively developed Spanish dictionary and encyclopedia entries.

The LII doesn’t just make law available — we also make it accessible.  Our legal dictionary and encyclopedia make the LII uniquely useful among open source online legal information providers, and its new Spanish content will extend and deepen its reach. Viva lengua legal!