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WEX: we offer sponsorships

If you’ve been paying close attention to WEX — our collaboratively-constructed legal encyclopedia and dictionary — you’ve noticed a few interesting things over the last couple of weeks.

  • We’ve changed over to a new format that incorporates a tabbed layout.  That makes more room for our authors and collaborators to add more, better, and different information to the collection (take a look at the “in other words” tab for the definition of “Chevron deference” to get an idea of where we’re headed.   Expect more tabs, representing new kinds of information, soon.  Right now, it all looks a little empty — but we hope you’ll help us change that.
  • We’re adding a lot of definitions. Now that our team of dedicated Wexers has hit its stride, there will soon be hundreds more terms in the dictionary.  We have chosen to focus on basic terms that will serve as building blocks for future authors, which we hope will make Wex-authoring job much easier.
  • Finally, we’ve added sponsorship slots — places where people who support us can make themselves known to our audience.

We think sponsorship offers good value to individuals and businesses who want to reach out to those who seek legal information:

  • People who come to the LII identify themselves, by definition, as people with a particular need for legal information or services.
  • It’s a diverse audience where you might find clients for a legal-services business, firms interested in services for the legal profession, or consumers with an identifiable interest in other kinds of products (we are waiting eagerly for the day when a company that sells steel-toed shoes will sponsor our section on workplace-safety laws).
  • It’s a big audience, too: about 100,000 unique visitors to the site each day, brought there for the most part by our very high search-engine rankings for popular law subjects.
  • Pricing is extremely reasonable.

Best of all, LII sponsorships offer an opportunity to do well by doing good.  Every dollar that comes to us goes to support and improve our current collections, and to add new material to the site.  We think that sponsorships will help you, even as they help us make the LII bigger and better.

Information on sponsorships is here.  We hope you’ll consider it carefully, and let us know what you think.