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Thursdays: Tell us a story

F947F955-D693-43E8-B8E1-D517999EAC1E.jpgEvery Thursday, we ask you questions. Sometimes we need help with a reference question. Sometimes we need better heads than ours to interpret odd facts that pile up, like dustbunnies, in the corners of the LII. Sometimes we need an alibi. Or bail.

Today, though, it’s an easy one — we want to get to know you better. We really don’t know much about the people who use our site, and we don’t know much about who is reading or subscribing to this blog. So…. we hope you’ll use the comments to tell us your story. Why are you here? How often do you come to the LII site? What’s your favorite collection? Do you have professional or personal reasons to visit us? What are they?

We didn’t hear from many of you last week. We know you’re out there. We can hear you breathing. Tell us a story.