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LII launches VoxPopuLII

This week, we’re launching VoxPopuLII — a blog that will feature work by a lot of people you may not have heard of.  We’ve invited folks who are doing good work in public legal and government information to write about their big ideas on technology, policy, and everything else that has to do with the field.  The inaugural post is by Kerry Anderson, the Deputy Director and head of IT for SAFLII, the Southern Africa Legal Information Institute.  New pieces will appear twice monthly.

As LII Director Tom Bruce points out over at b-screeds this week, the field of legal information is much bigger than it ever has been. It’s still growing fast.  VoxPopuLII is our way of highlighting the new diversity in  the field and bringing your attention to some voices you may not have heard before.  We certainly hope you’ll read it, and that some of you will join us as commenters and guest-bloggers.