New in ProQuest Congressional:

  • Executive Branch Documents: Includes nearly all of over 200,000 executive branch documents from 1789-1909 not included in the U.S. Serial Set, as well as an additional 200,000 titles from 1910-1932.
  • Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations, 1789-Present: The only place you can access a complete collection, both numbered and unnumbered, including those published in the Federal Register, and many more that were not.
  • Don’t forget ProQuest Congressional also includes

o Bills and Laws, 1789-present;
o The complete Serial Set, including maps, 1789-present;
o Congressional Record and predecessors, 1789-present;
o CRS Reports, 1916-present;
o Hearing transcripts, 1824-present;
o House & Senate Documents and reports, 1789-present; and
o Access to Legislative Insight, with over 18,000 legislative histories.

For more information about ProQuest Congressional, please contact Nina Scholtz, Digital Resources Librarian.

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