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Join the Ranks of the Almost Famous

I like to pass on to our team the specific things that donors say about how our work makes a difference. So, first thing in the morning (or nearly first thing) on every work day this time of year, I look at the donor comments from the previous day.     

Make a Gift (and maybe a Comment, too?)

When I see donors’ comments, I also see their names. While I admit that most just pass me by, some definitely get my attention. I often recognize the names of longtime supporters and even the occasional family friend (Betsy in Portland, I know you’re out there!). I admit those are my favorite. But my brain also stops automatically on any “famous” name, though in the vast majority of cases it’s just a “regular” person who happens to have a notable moniker (the addresses provided are the best clue, as well as the fact that many of these names belong to fictional characters, deceased folks, and even an entire UK territory!).  

This year I’ve been keeping track of these notable names, and we’re all getting a chuckle out of my informal “Almost Famous” list. I thought you might, too. Again, none of these people are the actual “celebrity” (term used loosely) but are instead just folks like you who appreciate free legal information online. So far this year, I’ve noticed:

  • Not the gunfighter Jesse James or the politician Charles “Charlie” Wilson
  • Not the sportswriter Peter King or the reality tv chef Michael Simon 
  • Not the musical luminaries Richard Rogers and John Davidson
  • Not the island of Diego Garcia
  • Not box-office poison John Carter (of Mars)  [didn’t see that one?  Don’t worry, no one did.]
  • And not comedians Chris Elliot, Kevin Hart, or Steven Wright (and especially not Stephen Wright)

The point here might simply be that I unapologetically recognize the names of more comedians than anything else; but, my hope is that this list demonstrates that actual humans (like me!) look at — and very much appreciate — every single donation that LII receives to support our work. 

If you rely on free and open access to law, please consider making a donation and maybe even leaving us a comment of support. If you ARE famous, we’ll never tell. If not, that’s perfectly okay too.  🙂


Craig Newton: Not the mayor of Norcross, GA.

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