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Bruce takes a trip to the Seychelles

LII Director Thomas R. Bruce just returned from a trip to the Seychelles — a small island nation located about 1500 miles east of the African coast, in the Indian Ocean.  The Chief Justice, Frederick Egonda-Ntende, has a strong interest in providing open access to the entire output of the country’s judicial and legislative branches.  The need is compelling; there have been no official law reports since 1993, and the last official consolidation of Seychellois laws took place in 1991.  Things are all the more pressing because recent changes in financial regulations in the Seychelles will position it as a center for offshore finance.  It’s the clearest case we’ve yet seen for the use of law publishing and transparency to enhance institutional competence and foster economic development, and we’re delighted to help out in any way that we can.

Of course, Bruce is having a difficult time convincing his colleagues here in the cold, rainy climes of Ithaca, New York that any work actually took place during a trip to an 85-degree island paradise with world-renowned beaches…..

From the LII mailbag

dutch.jpgIn today’s correspondence:

I am an instructor in an international business management program at a university in The Netherlands.  I teach business courses and business-context English courses mostly to German and Dutch students.

May I use the Wex bankruptcy (and perhaps other) articles as part of a free handout distributed to students in my English lessons?  I am doing a module on financial issues (the crisis and related aspects) and want to use bankruptcy and related issues, (and most of all the language used to present these topics) as backdrop material to teach fluency in vocabulary, grammar, and so forth, as well as to introduce them to financial issues.

And as always we’re happy to help….