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Civil Forfeiture

Last month, Attorney General Sessions described civil forfeiture as “a key tool that helps law enforcement defund organized crime, take back ill-gotten gains, and prevent new crimes from being committed.”  Politicians and media outlets on both sides of the aisle were skeptical about his decision to curb some fairly recent federal restrictions on the practice.  But what, exactly, is civil forfeiture and how did the practice come about?  A new wex article by Cornell Law student Stephanie Jurkowski answers those questions and more.  Read it here:

3 thoughts on “Civil Forfeiture

  • Sessions’ curb of Federal restrictions on civil forfeiture are strictly political and have little to do with law. He is putting a far-right political agenda into play and has no concern for the people he is sworn to protect.

  • In the era of the Social Security Numbered Trusts people own nothing, it is these Trusts that own property. Social Security is an agency of the United States Government (Corp US) which, is a corporation formed by the Republic Government in 1871. SSA Trusts are agency businesses of Corp US and Corp US is the beneficiary of all SSA Trusts. SSA only creates Trusts and nothing else. Although these Trusts also have a Constitution (corporate) they are not people and the people have no claim to the property of these Trusts which they confuse themselves with at law believing the Trust property is their own.
    When Corp US seizes these properties, they are merely taking back that which is already theirs from your continued borrowed use. Why would they (Corp US) need to pay mind to the Constitution? Why would they (Corp US) need to prove anything against you? None of the seized properties belong to the People.

    If you don’t like “Government” taking their property away whenever they want then stop using their Trust to acquire property and then confusing it as your own as if you are the General Partner. Remember, Social Security participation is voluntary. No one can make you apply for one or use one for any reason. Bottom line…stop relying on government for everything you need and our Nation may still be saved.

  • Once again onto the slippery slope of stealing from the alleged thieves and I had hopes for the FAIR act.

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