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A Birthday Glow-Up

We know we look our age–and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But everyone can use a little glow up on occasion.  So, we’ve taken some time over the last year to think through what we want the LII “brand” to convey to everyone from those of you who are on our site almost every day to others who arrive for the very first time from a search engine and don’t know what they’re looking at.  

While we are far from finished, we are ready to show the world some small changes–starting with the new logo on the birthday cake photo in the first article.  You may have already noticed the new template of our newsletter or this blog post.  You’ll see similar changes on our social media accounts.  Bulletin subscribers will also see a new design on the Previews that arrive in their inbox next month.  There are even some small changes to the website itself.  There’s more to come in the long term, but in the meantime we’ll spare you the press release lingo and simply say we hope you like the new look. 

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