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picture-12.pngThe LII-hosted workshop at Cornell wrapped up on schedule yesterday afternoon.    It generated more ideas than we can think about, and a mountain of notes from our dutiful session recorders.  We’re going to be sending that material on to Central HQ in its raw form, and posting lightly-edited versions on our own LexCraft wiki for practical legal informatics knowledge, but that will take several days. There is some particularly interesting stuff about metadata registry support and other scaffolding for openly accessible legal information, and detailed work on the URN:lex standard in practice with American legal materials.  But that will just have to wait a few days before we can show it to you.

For one thing, we’re a little worn out after this high-energy brainstorming event.  And our partners from are here today, working out with us the technical underpinnings for some lawyer-directory features and benefits we think you’ll like.

Our thanks to Carl Malamud and to all the participants for an excellent experience.